The finnish epic writings. The essence of a country, of a culture.


Wastinge think it's vain wasting words about this topic, it's useless writing here whatever you can find in many other resources.
Kalevala as a sensation, Kalevala as an essence, Kalevala as an emotion you can just feel, just enjoy for one second before it flies away. Something crawling fasly through you, and leaving a trace, branding its meaning among your memories, something you can feel but can't grab, can't hold, can't explain. Something your, something you can't share, an infinite moment closer to the most inner part of your very ownself.

We just think that nothing better than art can touch your feelings that way; here the reason why we decided to explain Kalevala with images, with art... with a result of the inspiration some artists had: an inspiration coming straight from their feelings, those feelings you can can feel letting your mind roaming free through those marvellous enchantments that the finnish forests are