Mielikki, Lady of the Forest,

wife of the vast woods,

walk through all the wilderness,

search the far backwoods

Lead the squirrel,

make it run, make it fly

to the path of the seeking man

to the steps of this hunting hero

Lead the squirrel,

lay it on the branch of fortune

Mielikki, the Lady of the Forest, was the wife of Tapio and as such the Lady of the Forest, the Lady of Tapiola or the Lady of Mehtola. Tapiola and Mehtola are mythical names of the forest.

Actually it was Mielikki the hunters addressed their prayers to when they left for hunting the daily food like hares, birds or fur animals like squirrel etc.

This lesser game was called Emon viljat, The game of the Lady. The king Tapio was for the big game only, like bear and elk.

Sometimes Mielikki was also called The Sharer Maid, Osatyttö according to the way she, unpredictably, shared the game to the hunters.

The word Mielikki can be derived to the Finnish word meaning favourable.